Context driven code generation

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Save context & use AI  assistance on your tech stack

Set AI context by defining languages, package list, variable list, API structure, common code, db models, or tech stack.

AI generates code for all programming languages.

From Python to JavaScript, Ruby to Java, PHP to C#, AI has you covered.

Save your workplace and continue code generation.


Modify AI response type based on your needs

Choose from options like raw code, code explanations, code snippets, debugging, modules, and application zip file generation.

Generate clean and efficient code for your development.

Create application zip files for easy deployment.

Efficiently debug and handle errors in your code.

Generate custom APIs and documentation tailored to your specific requirements.

Automatically generate code and share scripts for your database models.


Easily collaborate and communicate with the team using workspaces

Drive teamwork & productivity with integrated workspaces.

Invite team members and manage user permissions to control access and editing rights.

Share code snippets and exchange ideas.

Communicate with AI and the team using the chat box.


Use AI templates with predefined context

Instantly set-up workspace using popular templates.

Customise templates to suit your project requirements.

Templates available with context for backend and frontend development.

Choose templates with various scripts like shell scripts (windows, mac, linux), docker files, yaml, webpack and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the backend code generator for my existing project?

Absolutely! The backend code generator provides code for your existing projects. Define workspace with your project's tech stack, packages, common functions, or db models and get started.

Does the backend code generator support different frameworks and libraries?

Yes, whether you're using popular frameworks like Django, Express.js, or Spring Boot, or working with specific libraries, the generator can generate code snippets that align with your chosen frameworks and libraries.

Can I modify the code generated by the AI?

Absolutely! Our backend code generator provides you with the flexibility to interact with the AI-generated code. Make modifications, customize it to meet your specific requirements.

Can the backend code generator handle complex logic and algorithms?

Yes, whether it's implementing complex logic or algorithms, the AI algorithms behind the generator are designed to understand and generate code that meets your specific requirements.

Can I export the generated code in different file formats?

Yes, the backend code generator allows you to export the generated code in various file formats, such as .py, .js, .java, or any other format specific to your programming language.

Can I use the same workspace to continue code generation at a later time?

Yes, you can! Our platform allows you to log in and continue your code generation seamlessly within the same workspace. Your progress and previous code iterations will be readily available.

Is there a limit to the number of workspaces I can create?

No, there are no limitations on the number of workspaces you can create. Feel free to create multiple workspaces based on your project requirements or team collaborations.

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