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Perform all your SQL Database tasks starting from Code generation, Modelling, Querying, Data mocking to Migrations

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For data privacy and sensitivity: connect local DB


Workik vs other traditional DB access tools

Workik makes work super easy compared to other popular DB managers





100% browser based

Needs a client tool on each system

Context aware AI code generation for your tech stack

Does not support code generation

Database Documentation and Annotation with AI

Limited or No Database Documentation Features

Smart Mock data generation using AI

No or Manual mock data generation

Easy Data Migration between Databases

Error prone Data Migration between Databases

AI Powered DB Schema design

Manual Schema Design  and Modeling

AI powered Querying and collaboration

Standard Data Querying and Filtering Capabilities

Security support and Secure User Access Management

Manual configuration and administration.

DB optimisation support with smart indexing and Normalization

No such feature available


Generate backend code for your database models. Code 10x faster with AI

Take your backend development to the next level with AI assistance. Workik helps you add right context for code generation

Context driven code generation tailored to your needs

Set-up workspace with your required context (common function, packages, db models) and use it to generate code or APIs as per your requirement

Support for all backend languages (Node.js, Java, Python, Php, bash…)

AI supports code generation on all backend languages. Simply instruct AI and generate code for your tech stack.


Efficient for all developers, Teams, Agencies, and Enterprises

Powerful database management tool for everyone

Workik For Teams

Boost the efficiency of the developers and maintain a secure central database control.

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Seamless collaboration and sharing

Consistent data handling and synchronization

Centralized documentation and improved development efficiency

Streamlined onboarding and knowledge transfer

Workik For Individuals

Get a powerful assistant to help you execute database tasks. Increase productivity and reduce manual effort.

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Perform DB tasks with intuitive visual UI

Accelerate development with AI

Easy code documentation with AI

Simplify complex tasks and get query assistance


Workik Data Privacy

Connect with peace of mind. Your data is in your control. Access Workik without sharing data. 

Connect your locally hosted database - Secure access without data sharing

Connect the locally hosted database with the help of ngrok to enhance your work using our features.

View Steps

Follow the steps given below to make your locally hosted data accessible via ngrok.

Step 1: Download and install ngrok.

to install ngrok on your system.

Step 2: Start a tunnel for your database

$ ngrok tcp <database-port>

Running the above command will show the following view in your terminal:

Step 3: Enter connection details and create database

Fill the Create database form on Workik using your database details.

Simple step to access Workik without data

Upload a file containing your table structure without data. Use the following script to generate the file. 

$ mysqldump -h <your_host_name or IP> -u root -p
--no-data <datbase_name> schema.sql

Here, your_host_name can be "localhost" or your hosted database URL.
This command creates "schema.sql" file in your current working directory.  You can create a new database on Workik by uploading the .sql file.

Talk to us about your data privacy policy

Talk to us about your data compliance policy. Our team will take care of your legal policies. 

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Real Stories, Real Results with Workik

John Hidding


The AI-powered code generation capabilities have significantly reduced our team's development time and effort. We no longer have to spend hours writing boilerplate code or troubleshooting complex logic. Workik does it all for us.


Mark Richman

Database Administrator

“Workik has revolutionized how I manage databases. From schema creation to query generation, the AI-powered tools have made my job more efficient and accurate. It is an awesome tool for any DBA."


Lisa Byrne

Web developer

"Workik's backend script generation feature is a game-changer as a developer. It effortlessly generates clean code with complete context without many prompts. It has saved me hours of manual coding."


Alex Henderson

IT Manager

"Workik has elevated our database migration process. The visual interface and automation features have significantly reduced errors and downtime, ensuring smooth transitions."


Emily Carter


"Workik has become an indispensable tool for our organization. We can easily manage multiple databases. The tool has allowed us to optimize performance, collaborate effectively, and accelerate development cycles."



Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to browse through the questions and answers about our products below.

Can I customize the AI behavior in Workik?

Yes, Workik allows you to pre-define the context and behavior of the AI engine. You can customize the AI's responses based on your programming style, database architecture, and project-specific needs.

Does Workik support multiple database platforms?

Absolutely! We support range of popular database platforms, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQL Server, and more. Users can manage multiple databases within a unified interface.

How do I collaborate with my team members on Workik?

You can invite team members to collaborate on specific databases. You can choose between shared workspaces for real-time collaboration or view-only workspaces for read-only access. Users can also share scripts, queries, code, and more.

How do I contact if I need support or have questions?

We provide dedicated support to our users. You can reach out to our customer support team through email or our in-app chat.

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