AI Powered Development

Activate AI Assistance For Programming

Save Context & Generate Tailored Output according to your
Codebase, Database Schema, & Tech Stack.

Collaborate with your team and instantly generate backend code, Smart mock data, DB queries, and DB schema. 


Advanced AI Features Built to Boost Productivity for Developers 

Get Context-Aware AI Assistance for all Tasks
Add diverse context like DB Schema, APIs, code repositories (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket), and more
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Instantly Create Specialized AI Agents
Add AI bots on slack channels & discord servers. Use it anywhere for instant assistance, interbot conversations, & more.
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Run AI-Powered Pipelines to Automate Tasks
Automate code reviews, data reports, deployment processes, log analysis, and more with AI.
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Create Codebase & Database Documentation
Effortlessly create and maintain documentation with AI. Ease Developer onboarding & use AI chat for clarifications.
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Visualize Databases

Add any SQL or No-SQL Database Schema and Visualize DB Structure with ER Diagram.

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Model DB with AI

AI can generate databases according to requirements or optimize your existing DB structure.

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Generate Queries

Use AI to generate, refactor, and explain queries. Share queries with the team using Workspaces.

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Generate Mock Data

Enhance testing by instantly generating tailored mock data for your database schema.

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Tools we Integrate for Context & Communication

Microsoft Teams


AI Querying

Add any backend context relevant to you

Support All languages (Node.js, Java, Python, JavaScript, bash…)


Choose to connect database schema to get highly accurate code according to your models.

Add any SQL or No-SQL database schema ranging  from :
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Maria DB, Cassandra and many more.

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Real Stories, Real Impact with Workik

Using Workik is like having a developer assistant who instantly understands what needs to be done.

Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter


Workik AI has transformed the way I write code and develop software. It is now a part of my development toolkit.

Mark Richman

Mark Richman

Senior Developer

We’ve seen an outstanding boost in team efficiency with Workkik. The AI assistance has saved us weeks of work.

John Hidding

John Hidding


Join our community to see how developers are using Workik AI everyday.

Your Data Safety Is Our Priority.

Discover AI’s potential for your team
while maintaining utmost data safety standards

Scheduled Reports

Get reports on data used by AI.

User Management:

Effortlessly control team access.

Compliance Assurance

Robust data safety protocols.


Empowering Teams & Individual Developers
Maximize Efficiency with AI

Workik For Developers

Get a powerful assistant ready to help you in any programming task.

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Get context-aware AI assistance.

AI supports development in Frontend, Backend, Database, API, Infrastructure, & beyond.

Connect with Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket to maintain your code context.

Use multiple workspaces to work on different features.

Workik For Teams & Enterprise

Instantly increase team productivity and development pace with AI.

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Maintain consistent code standards and practices across the team.

Ensure code clarity and make onboarding easy with documentation tools.

Ensure data compliance with logs and reports.

Use Workik AI bots in Slack and Discord to get instant help across teams.

Understand how Workik can fit in with your requirements?


Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to browse through the questions and answers about our products below.

Can I customize the AI behavior in Workik?

Yes, Workik allows you to pre-define the context and behavior of the AI engine. You can customize the AI's responses based on your programming style, database architecture, and project-specific needs.

Can Workik AI be compatible with my existing application?

Absolutely! Workik's context-setting feature allows users to add their existing codebase context and continue their development.

What kind of contexts can I add on Workik?

Contexts that can be added are programming languages and packages, database schema details, relevant codebase files and commonly used functions, API blueprints (such as Postman or Swagger), Coding standards, and more.
For seamless integration and instant context-setting, you can also connect your codebase directly with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

Do I necessarily have to connect to a database on Workik?

No, we understand your privacy and data concerns. That is why connecting databases is completely optional.

Does Workik's AI support all programming languages?

Yes, Workik's AI supports all programming languages and frameworks, including Python, JavaScript (React, Node.js), Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Go, Rust, and more. This extensive support facilitates a wide variety of development activities, such as web development, mobile app development, game development with Unity, desktop application creation, and cloud computing projects.

How do I collaborate with my team members on Workik?

You can invite team members to your workspace and set permissions. Collaborate on projects in real-time and use AI collectively.

What are AI tokens and how do they work in Workik?

AI tokens determine the processing power for your AI requests in Workik. Choose from various token types for tasks from simple to complex. Options range from AI 3.5 for up to 16k tokens for basic tasks, to AI 4 up to 128k tokens for detailed projects. Use AI 4 Vision for image tasks.

How is Workik different from Github Copilot?

GitHub Copilot enhances coding by offering real-time suggestions within the IDE, while Workik generates specific code based on detailed prompts. Workik provides a comprehensive suite of tools for development tasks. It supports team collaboration, bot creation, AI automation setup, application generation, documentation tools, and more, offering a broader solution for developers and teams.

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