AI Powered Development

Leverage AI in your Dev Environment

Save context & generate tailored output according to your
tech-stack, database schema, and codebase.

Collaborate with your team and instantly generate backend code, Smart mock data, DB queries, and DB schema. 

AI Powered Code Generator

Experience Incredible Capabilities With AI.
Get accurate Assistance for All Your Programming  Needs

Workik programs AI to understand your Tech Stack
No other AI tools can provide Environment specific output like workik

Provide any technical context like 

  • Codebase - Integrate your GIT repositories  or add files manually 
  • Database - Supports all SQL/NOSQL DB's
  • API Blueprints - Integrate with Postman or add manuallly
  • Dynamic Context - Save any Dynamic Context
  • List   - Save any Dynamic Context

No matter which language powers your applications, our powerful code generation feature seamlessly adapts to your preferred technology stack.

Get any output that you desire

  • Application Modules - Build your application features
  • Code Debug - Debug errors in your code 
  • Explanation - Document your code instanly with AI Powered Explanations
  • Any Dynaimic Output - Tell AI what you need and it does it for you
  • Full Stack App - Build an Entire appliction from scratch 

Save any context , etc and get tailored results.

Tools we Integrate for Context & Communication

Microsoft Teams


AI Querying

Add any backend context relevant to you

Support All languages (Node.js, Java, Python, JavaScript, bash…)


Connect, visualize, and model databases with AI

Visualize your database with an interactive ER Diagram

Model SQL schema for databases with the help of AI

Add new tables and relations to existing databases

Manage multiple databases in a unified interface


Generate & run queries instantly on your database 

Use AI to generate, refactor, and explain queries

Execute queries on your database in real-time

Share queries with the team using Workspaces

Switch between multiple databases easily Switch between multiple databases easily


Generate smart mock data for testing/demo with AI

Use AI to add sensible mock data

Generate names, numbers, dates, prices, and much more

Get data in SQL format for test cases

Test data with AI and get mock results.


Choose to connect database schema to get highly accurate code according to your models.

Add any SQL or No-SQL database schema ranging  from :
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Maria DB, Cassandra and many more.

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Real Stories, Real Impact with Workik

Using Workik is like having a personal developer assistant who instantly understands what needs to be done.

Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter


Workik’s AI-driven code generation has transformed the way I write code. It is now a part of my development toolkit.

Mark Richman

Mark Richman

Senior Developer

We’ve seen an outstanding boost in team efficiency. Our entire backend team uses Workik for feature development.

John Hidding

John Hidding


Your Data Safety Is Our Priority.

Discover AI’s potential for your team
while maintaining utmost data safety standards

Scheduled Reports

Get reports on data used by AI.

User Management:

Effortlessly control team access.

Compliance Assurance

Robust data safety protocols.


Uncover the Future of Programming.
Maximize AI's full potential to your advantage

Workik For Developers

Get a powerful assistant for development. Increase productivity and reduce manual effort.

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Get context-ready AI assistance

Tools geared to make programming easy

Multiple workspaces to work on different features

Better and more accurate than any AI tools

Workik For Teams & Enterprise

Empower developer teams with powerful AI and boost backend development.

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Instant increase in team productivity

Easy collaboration among team members.

Assured data compliance with proper checks and reports.

Seamless integration with JIRA, Slack, Asana etc to automate AI Assistance  in development cycle

Understand how Workik can fit in with your requirements?


Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to browse through the questions and answers about our products below.

Can I customize the AI behavior in Workik?

Yes, Workik allows you to pre-define the context and behavior of the AI engine. You can customize the AI's responses based on your programming style, database architecture, and project-specific needs.

Do I have to connect database on Workik?

No, connecting database is completely optional. You can simply sign up and start generating code right away.

Does Workik support multiple database platforms?

Absolutely! We support databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL. Optionally, you can connect the database schema of all the databases like MongoDB, SQL Server, and more.

Can I use the backend code generator with my existing application?

Absolutely! The backend code generator provides code for your existing projects. Define workspace with your project's tech stack, packages, common functions, or db models and get started.

Can the backend code generator handle complex logic and algorithms?

Yes, whether it's implementing complex logic or algorithms, the AI algorithms behind the generator are designed to understand and generate code that meets your specific requirements

How do I collaborate with my team members on Workik?

You can invite team members to collaborate on specific databases. You can choose between shared workspaces for real-time collaboration or view-only workspaces for read-only access. Users can also share scripts, queries, code, and more.

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