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Connect MySQL database in minutes

Create new MySQL database or add your own external database to power your application.

Execute & collaborate with team on SQL scripts
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Intuitive data migration
Visualize your database, model tables, & real-time edit data

API & Python Script builder

Instantly Build APIs using workflows and generate the python script. Create a unified python app for all your workflows at the click of a button.

Intuitive workflow builder
Expose Mock APIs
Customize workflows using python
Schedule events to trigger API
Get instant python CRUD APIs on all tables

Static UI Builder

Use our drag and drop UI builder to build landing pages and front-end components easily. Mange your site domain, SSL certificate, CDN, routing, and much more

Prebuilt widgets to build landing pages
Manage SEO
Run and host builds on any front-end framework
Get HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

Change the way you manage MySQL and Python applications

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Increased productivity

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