Top 13 Gallery Designs For Websites: Examples And Code

Feb 14, 2022

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known quote. But it still doesn’t encapsulate enough how powerful images can be in increasing conversions. According to research , people remember 80% of what they see compared to 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. The visual image leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. Therefore, it becomes important for any seller to showcase the products or services provided visually. Having high-quality images presented in an attractive layout makes the visitor stay longer on the website.

Galleries create creative and attractive visual effects that help to enhance images. They come in all shapes and sizes, with the grid format being the most commonly used one. Some of the more creative designs use horizontal scrolling, full-page sliders, and thumbnail grids.

13 Best Inspiration Galleries Used For Websites With HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Here are our top 13 picks of the best gallery designs that will help you present your website elegantly to the users. You can get the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for these website galleries. You can also make real-time changes to the code to modify the design.

1. Lookbook Gallery

This photo gallery offers a pure personal feel to clients. It helps one to create a focused picture in the center with other related photos adding more depth to it. The widget allows visitors to interact with the gallery as it opens a pop-up on click. This design enables you to share your photos on full screen and keep users thoroughly engaged.

2. Sliding Image Gallery

The above design is a horizontal gallery with a scrollable function that makes it easy for user interaction. It has a regular grid-like design with optimal image size. Its carousel design helps you showcase your works effectively. The image under focus is also highlighted with a higher opacity, thereby providing an engaging user experience.

3. Grid Gallery

This gallery design provides enough room to explain your services as well as showcase your creative photos. No distractive elements are present in the template and the visual effects are kept mild. This 3*2 grid allows creating a minimalist layout that looks clean.

4. Photo Gallery

This design gives you a professional-looking gallery. Image holders of various sizes and orientations are provided, thus allowing one to add different types of images without any hassle. If you want a gallery-centric website design for your website, this will surely be a good choice.

5. Gallery With Carousel

The above design uses a minimal creative layout that improves your branding. This unique design has an image slider with a landscape orientation that offers an interactive experience for clients. If you wish to create a website that stands out, then this is the one for you.

6. Responsive Photo Gallery

This gallery grid allows the pictures to be uniformly arranged in a 3*2 grid. This gallery helps to enhance the user appeal by providing a feel of polaroid pictures. This grid helps the pictures look minimal and effortless.

7. Pop-up Gallery

This design helps one to create a content-focused website. No distractive elements are present and even the visual effects are kept to a minimum. The user can view each image in full-screen by simply clicking on it. The design also provides an option to add a welcome text at the top to explain your services in detail to the clients.

8. Scrolling Gallery

This design provides a professional-looking gallery template. Its carousel design helps you showcase your works effectively. It uses a dark theme layout which not only gives a rich look but ensures the content looks clean.

9. Photogrid Gallery

The above design is a classy website gallery template. Photo gallery designs such as these help you display the content creatively to the audience. This gallery allows uploading pictures of any dimension all the while ensuring the grid remains responsive to every viewport type.

10. CSS gallery

This grid provides a professional-looking gallery design. Image holders are provided for both landscape and portrait orientations. Visual effects play a vital role in this design all the while ensuring it doesn’t get overexploited.

11. Responsive Filter-Based CSS Gallery With Sidebar

The above design is ideal for those who want a website layout that is easy to maintain and yet does not want to skip any feature. To keep your photographs undisturbed, all the category options are put on the sidebar. Smooth scroll effects and filters are used to present the content engaging for the users.

12. Grid Gallery With Filters

This design helps you build an evenly spaced grid. White spaces are handled elegantly in this design to add richness to the website and to make the images look crisp. This design also incorporates a full-page photo gallery viewer to enjoy the photo in full view.

13. Portfolio Gallery

The above gallery has a bright and modish-looking photo design. There is a text overlay layer with a contrasting color that lets you share the story behind the photographs. If you are looking for user-friendly free photo gallery designs, this gallery is sure to dazzle you.

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