Top 10 Team Section For Websites With Design, Html, CSS, and JavaScript Code 

Feb 24, 2022

A ‘Meet the Team’ page helps one build a great connection with the audience. It is one of the primary places visitors look at to get an idea about your company. Proudly showcasing your team in an elegant manner makes a positive impression on potential clients visiting your page.
Having a team page or a team section on a website helps to earn the users' trust. It develops a sense of familiarity and makes the organization much more approachable by the user.

10 Best Design And Code For The Team Section Used In Websites 

To create a perfect team page, we curated a list of top team sections for websites that are sure to grab the user's attention. These designs include images of each member, information about their position in the company, a short description, and much more in various layouts and unique designs. Besides design inspiration, you can also get the Html, CSS, Javascript code resources of all these Workik Team page designs.

1. Simple Team Page

This design makes use of high-quality, cheerful images of each team member. The text below allows the user to add the name and position of the team member on the website. They are all organised in a grid layout which makes things easier to follow. Individual cards have a flex display and wrap around one another.

2. Sliding Team Page

This slider-based team page has been created using the SwiperJS library. The carousel showcases the members of the team along with a short text describing their position in the company.

3. Team Page For Multiple Teams

This page contains two carousel-based galleries one below the other. Each slider presents basic information about team members belonging to a department and has pagination elements to aid navigation. A general description of the team can also be provided, thereby enhancing user appeal.

4. Photo Grid Team Page

This widget has a great grid layout and provides a classic, subtle look. A short bio is included below the image of each team member, giving the viewers an idea on who they are dealing with. The design has a flex display and is completely responsive.

5. Responsive Team Page

This design showcases each team member with short text and images. Cards are properly separated from one another and have a box shadow applied to them, distinguishing them from the white background. On reducing the screen size, they break down into rows, providing a perfect display on all devices.

6. CSS3 Team Page

This page has a beautiful design with soft, subtle colours. It takes a minimalistic approach, showcasing members with only their names and titles. The mission of the team can also be displayed across the top, helping one to understand them better.

7. Grid Team Section

This responsive design is one of the best choices for clients with a classic taste. It provides for a very clean and professional presentation with high-quality images of the team. Icons that connect visitors to the individual’s social media page are also included below their photos.

8. Team Section With Project Description

This responsive design is based purely on HTML and CSS. With a two-column layout, this page is simple on the eyes and makes it easy to find out more about the team project and team members. The business approach and achievement of the team can be highlighted, thereby increasing brand value and credibility.

9. Scrolling Team Page

The above design demonstrates another way to present your team to the visitors with a scrollable slider. This layout provides a short description about each member, highlighting their personality. Individual cards have a box shadow, distinguishing them from the soft, grey background.

10. Responsive Team Page With Slider

This page showcases team members with the help of a scrollable, horizontal slider created with the SwiperJS library. One can find basic information about each individual alongside their picture. The cards have a flex display with the content wrapping around each other as the screen width is reduced.

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