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AI-Assisted Query Generation, Optimization, Explanation & More

Instant Query Generation

Workik AI rapidly generates precise MS-SQL queries, ensuring quick and accurate data fetching

Rapid Schema Modification

Effortlessly Generate queries to create (CREATE), modify (ALTER), and remove (DROP) database structures.

Data Manipulation

Seamlessly craft queries to insert (INSERT INTO), update (UPDATE), and delete (DELETE) records in MS SQL databases.

Advanced Transaction Handling

Manage transactions to maintain data integrity by crafting BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK operations.

Join our community to see how developers are using Workik AI everyday.

How it works

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Real Stories, Real Results with Workik

Generating optimized queries for our data analysis tasks has drastically improved, thanks to Workik AI.

Ethan James

Data Scientist

Debugging MS-SQL queries used to be challenging. With Workik AI, it’s now a straightforward and quick process.

Ava Tan

System Analyst

The precision and speed of query generation by Workik AI are phenomenal. It’s reshaped how we manage databases for our clients.

Mason Nguyen

Database Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add database schema on Workik?

Workik AI simplifies the integration of your MS-SQL database schema by allowing you to directly import the schema in JSON/CSV format into the platform or creating a database schema with AI assistance. 

What are some popular use cases for the MS SQL query generator?

Some popular use cases for the MS SQL query generator include:
1. Generate dynamic queries for instant filtering and sorting on user dashboards.
2. Simplify your database maintenance with easy data cleanup and archival.
3. Execute INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE tasks efficiently for quick data manipulation.

How does Workik AI assist in debugging MS SQL queries?

Workik AI enhances query debugging by providing clear, AI-driven insights into potential issues within your SQL queries. For instance, if a query is performing suboptimally due to a missing index, Workik AI can identify the bottleneck and suggest the creation of an index to improve performance.

Can Workik AI facilitate team collaboration in MS SQL Query Generator?

Yes, Workik AI's workspace feature is designed to foster team collaboration. Team members can share workspaces, allowing for seamless collaboration on MS SQL query generation, testing, and optimization.

How does Workik AI ensure the optimization of MS SQL queries for better performance?

Workik AI optimizes your MS SQL queries for peak performance by examining query patterns, indexing strategies, and more. It provides actionable recommendations to refine queries and efficient materialized views to cut execution times and resource use.

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