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Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI bots in Workik adapt to changes in my project over time?

Yes, our AI bots are designed to learn and adapt to your project's evolving context, ensuring their assistance remains relevant and effective as your development needs change.

What are the configuration options available for AI bots in Workik?

Workik provides several configuration options to tailor your AI bots, including 'Temperature' to control the bot's creativity and randomness, 'Max tokens' to define the length of the bot's responses, and 'Frequency Penalty' and 'Presence Penalty' to fine-tune the bot's focus on certain topics or context awareness.

How can I use the 'Temperature' setting when configuring my AI bots?

The 'Temperature' setting in bot configuration allows you to adjust the variability in the bot's responses, making them more conservative or more adventurous in generating replies. It can be particularly useful for tasks requiring varying levels of creativity.

Are there limitations to the types of insights AI bots can provide?

While AI bots are incredibly versatile, their insights are most impactful within the scope of your provided context and the specific configurations you set, such as their expertise areas and operational parameters.

Can AI bots in Workik facilitate learning and development for my team?

Absolutely. Beyond their task-oriented capabilities, AI bots can provide educational insights and suggestions, fostering a learning environment that helps your team grow their skills organically.

How does setting limits for bot conversations work in Workik?

In Workik, you can set conversation limits to manage the interaction quota for each bot. This helps in resource allocation for bot-to-bot conversations and ensures efficient use of the AI service.

Can I configure multiple bots to work together in my code environment?

Yes, Workik allows you to select multiple bots within a code environment. You can assign them for interbot conversations, which facilitates complex problem-solving by leveraging the collective intelligence of specialized bots.

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