Mock Data With AI

Supercharge Your Testing with AI Smart Mock Data Generation

Unlock Realistic AI-Generated Mock Data according to any datatype. Download data in csv or excel file format.

Effortless mock data generation with AI

Easily generate mock data that makes sense with AI.

Specify the number of rows for your mock data generation.

Interact with AI and make modifications to the data.

Tailor results by connecting database or table structure. (Optional)


Specify conditions & constraints for mock data

Directly fetch tables for mock data on Connected databases or table structure.

Define data types like numbers, words, booleans, dates, foreign keys etc.

Add min, max, & decimal value to customize the data further.

Option to add the mock data generated to the data tables.


Download, test, and Refine Mock Data

Easily download generated mock data in CSV or other preferred formats.

Test data for your application using AI.

Simulate a broader range of test scenarios, including edge cases and outliers

Refine mock data with AI assistance for better outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fine-tune the mock data after AI generation to align with my testing needs?

Certainly! You can interact with the AI-generated mock data and make real-time adjustments for precise testing requirements.

Does AI take context into account while generating mock data?

Yes, it does! Workik's AI Smart Mock Data Generation takes context into consideration, including the structure of the connected database or tables. This ensures that the generated mock data aligns with your data model, making it more realistic and useful for testing purposes.

Can I use the generated mock data for load testing purposes?

Absolutely! Workik's AI-powered mock data is well-suited for load testing scenarios. With realistic data, you can accurately assess your application's performance under various user loads.

How can I get started with AI Smart Mock Data Generation on Workik?

Getting started is a breeze! Simply sign up for Workik, explore the AI Smart Mock Data Generation feature.

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