Context driven code generation

Code Smarter with AI That Understands Your Project Context

Get AI assistance, add your code context for personalized output, and invite team members to use AI collaboratively

Boost Development Productivity with AI

Easily generate code, debug, and refine output with AI assistance.

Choose output in code, text, or image formats for versatile AI support.

Select from default or custom AI bots for specialized help.

Enhance productivity with AI that learns and adapts to your coding style.

AI Response type for Coding


Add any Diverse Context to customize the Environment

Define languages, frameworks, & libraries for precise AI output.

Add database schemas for targeted DB task assistance.

Import API blueprints to refine API-related AI output.

Sync with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket for instant context setting.

Add relevant code files and functions for AI to analyze coding patterns.

Adding tech context to generate ai code


Collaborate & Perform advanced tasks

Create task-specific environments and switch between them seamlessly.

Invite teammates for collaborative work in shared spaces.

Chat in real-time with teams and AI for seamless communication.

Use custom bots for inter-bot collaboration and assistance.

Team collaboration for AI code generation


Frequently Asked Questions

How do AI tokens affect my coding tasks in Workik?

Think of AI tokens as "processing power" for your requests. For bigger tasks, use higher token types to get more detailed AI help. It's like choosing a faster engine for more complex projects.

Can I manage different projects in one Workik environment?

Yes, Workik lets you set up separate workspaces in one environment, each with its own settings and team members. It's great for organizing and switching between projects easily.

What can Workik's AI help me with?

Workik's AI assists with coding, debugging, suggesting code improvements, code refactoring, code migration, image processing, API testing, and team collaboration, all while adapting to your style.

Why choose Workik over other development tools?

Workik stands out with customizable AI support, the ability to manage complex tasks, and the ease of integrating with tools like GitHub. It's designed to fit right into your workflow.

How does the chat feature with AI assistance work in Workik?

Workik's chat feature lets team members discuss projects in real-time, where AI can instantly assist upon trigger. This means you get AI-driven insights and solutions during conversations, streamlining decision-making and coding tasks.

How do custom AI bots help each other in Workik?

Workik allows inter-bot conversation, where your custom specialized bots with different strengths can exchange insights and collaborate, significantly boosting decision-making and project efficiency.

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