How To Create A Website For Brands - The Ultimate Guide

Oct 7, 2021

An infographic showing people working on a brand.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have more convenient ways of doing things. Anything we require is just a few clicks away from us. If we want to buy a product, we can simply look it up on the website of the respective brand. So, it becomes essential for brands to have a website that provides visitors with information about their products and services.

As per research, there are approximately 4.7 billion active internet users worldwide, which is about 59.5 percent of the global population. All these internet users are potential customers for brands with an online presence. Also, there are approximately 63,000 Google searches conducted each second, many of which are carried out to find information on various brands. Thus it becomes crucial for brands to have an online presence to cope up with the changing consumer behaviour.

In this article, we will look at the various reasons why we need to create a website for your brand, key elements that a brand website must include, the advantages of site branding, and who can help you build your website?

Advantages of having a website for your brand


A customer is very likely to search for a brand online before buying any products. Finding the brand online gives the customer a sense of rectitude towards the brand. The customer can find detailed information about the products which helps in building the credibility of the brand.

Increased customer base

A physical store has many limitations. It can only attract a limited number of customers. If your brand has a website, it will be exposed to a global audience. Your spatial outreach will not be limited anymore. A website will work 24/7 round the clock for the business.

Fresh content

Having a website allows you to update your content regularly. You can inform the customers about your new products, services, and deals. New updates or offers can be communicated easily through a website. Also, it is very important to provide fresh, original, and up-to-date content on your website to retain and convert potential customers.

Better customer service

It becomes easier for the customer to report their problems through the website. It also becomes easier for the brand to address the problems of the customer in a time-efficient manner. This helps in building a positive image and better customer relations.

Brand visibility

A new brand needs to generate awareness about its products and services to attract customers. A website helps in increasing the visibility of your brand. More and more people can visit your brand website through google to get information about who you are, what you do, and how your business helps them. Learn more about how you can grow your business online

Essential components required for a brand website

An attractive Homepage

An example of a homepage created by Workik for branding sites.

The homepage is the first page that a visitor navigating to a website will see. And your homepage will decide whether the visitor will stay or leave. Thus, it becomes essential for a brand to have a well-designed and attractive home page. You can add attractive images and the text should be presented in a clean layout. A home page includes a brief description of who you are and what you do. It should also include a short explanation of your services and products.

Services/ Products Page

Example for a product/ service section of a branding website

This page contains a description of the services that you offer or the products that you sell. The quality of content provided on this page decides whether a casual visitor will become a customer or not. It should include the images of the products along with the product description. You can allow the customer to zoom in and out so that they can get a better glimpse of the product.

Contact Us Page

 Contact Us Page example of a brand website

The contact us page is a very important page as it acts as an assurance that the customer can easily get in touch with you in times of need. Branding sites should have a contact form which asks the customers their name, phone number, and email address. The contact us page should also contain your email ID, phone number, and the address of your physical store. You can add links to your social media accounts.

About us section

About Us page of a company

The About us section contains an elaborated description of your brand’s values and vision. It gives the customer an idea of your business, your accomplishments, and helps them understand what makes you better than your competitors. The content on the about page should be engaging as it can lead to a large number of conversions.

Testimonials/ Reviews section

Customer reviews example for a brand website

Testimonials are an effective tool for content marketing. They can help in proving the legitimacy of a brand. Here, you can showcase the positive reviews that your brand has received. They will help you in building your reputation by expressing other people's faith in you and your company's goods. You must provide an elaborate and unbiased review of your products. This will help in establishing trust among the customers. Check out how testimonials help your business .

FAQ section

 FAQ Page Example for a website

This page helps the brand to cater to the different needs of the customers. Customers can get answers to satisfy all their queries. This helps in ensuring the customers about the reliability of your brand. It also increases the chances of converting the customer.

Blog Page

Best Blog Design Examples

A blog page can be a very effective marketing tool. A blog page contains a list of blogs on related topics. A blog page can play a crucial role in lead generation. Research says, brands with blogs generate 67% more leads than brands without blogs. It also helps to boost traffic and aids better ranking.

Who can assist you in developing your brand’s website?

Site branding  has become crucial for brands to grow. But designing a website can be an arduous job as it requires a lot of technical knowledge. But all this can be done in a few simple steps using Workik, a web application builder to get your desired website in no time. Workik can help you in building an attractive website that will help you in increasing your market reach.

Workik has pre-made web pages available for all the diverse needs suitable for various business types. All this is provided at a very affordable price . Get in touch with us to know more.