How to grow business online (step by step with pictures)

March 31, 2021

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We’ve all seen how the onset of the pandemic has disrupted many industries. It has rendered many out of business. The ones who had diversified the business streams were able to sustain or rather thrive with the business. In this era, it is of utmost importance to have an online presence. It opens doors to new customers, gives you a competitor edge, creates branding for your business, reinforce your relation with the existing customer, helps effective task management and much more. So if you are here to see how to take your business online, then we’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you what you need to do, all the steps you need to take to grow business online.

Create a website

Website is a representation of your brand. This is the first place where customers get a look into your brand. They get to know about all the products and services you offer. You can have your website look anyway you want. With a proper landing page and proper messaging, converting customers is going to be easy. These days with online transparency and ease, many have shifted online to make educated and fast purchases. The online market is wide growing and the opportunity is too good to be missed. With top ranking in google listings, you can get a competitive edge. There are many types of websites one can have like portfolio websites, blog websites, e-commerce websites etc. There are certain things you must add to your website to get maximum results. They are

  • Details about the product and services you offer.
  • About us page.
  • Contact information.
  • Client testimonials.
  • Image gallery showcasing your products or office etc.
  • FAQs or any queries.
  • Useful content that the customer can use to educate themselves more about the product.
  • Your location information and the places where you provide service.

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After creating the website, make sure your website is search optimized. You must work on search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher and drive traffic to your website. To build website, consider connecting us at Workik to get started. With  SEO and tech support, Workik will make your online endeavour smooth and help you grow business online. You can also build  free websites with Workik. Contact us to know more.

Social media

Social media

The presence of people on social media has over time increased so much. It is not limited to just sharing pictures, and status. It has become so much more. It not only helps you establish your brand, but enables you to target the right people and helps you deliver your message to them. Gone all those days in advertising where you shoot in the dark hoping that someone might acquire your services. Now with the proper keyword, social media platform lets you connect to the right customer. You can create a brand and nurture a good relation with your customer.

Following points are certain very easy to-do things you can start off with right away:

Facebook and instagram

  • Create a brand page.
  • Post regularly.
  • Use hashtags to increase the post reach.
  • Create engaging and interactive content like polls to involve your audience.
  • Run contests and try giveaways like discount code, promo code etc.
  • Follow competitors and other prominent businesses to understand what they are doing to get inspiration and ideas.

You can also use other social media platforms like Youtube, snapchat, twitter to share images, videos and get strong local and global presence.

Pinterest is also another great platform which is yet untapped by most people. Pinterest lets you link your website, so with quality pictures, you can bring customers to your website and market other products and your brand effectively. With right branding, pinterest can be a very lucrative social media platform. You can learn more about it in this link .

Google my business

Google logo

Google my business is a free tool that lets you promote your website on maps and google search. You can give your business information, post new updates, reach more people for free. Make sure you set your category right in google my business. The lead could message and contact you easily. You can also market your website for free. You can set images to showcase and brand yourself. Good and more google reviews will cause google to push your business profile giving you an edge over your competitors. Google my business if done right, could substantially boost your business locally over your competitors. With such a powerful tool available for free, it’s almost criminal not to take advantage of it. Workik can help you get best results with google my business.

Create various web listings

There are a lot of advantages of web listings. Web listing can be very powerful to increase your brand reach. With proper listings, you will be able to connect with customers where they are present. It also helps create backlinks for your websites. Backlinks helps authenticate your website to google, leading it to rank you higher. There are various platforms where you can list your business. Yelp can be resourceful if you are from the USA and Indiamart and justdial might be helpful if you are from India. If you are from another part of the world, you can definitely use this link to see what works for your country.

Spread the word

Making an announcement

Once you follow all the above steps, it is important that you tell the world about it. Add your website in your visiting card. Invite your friends and family to like and share. Ask customers for their reviews. Do some promotional activities. Host giveaways and much more. Share your little corner on the internet with the people.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can effectively grow your business. While all this may be overwhelming and daunting to a non-technical person, it is important to know that taking the first step is most difficult. Convincing yourself to take up the risk and adventure is the constraining part. You have to know that online is the place to be. Future is shifting to online mediums. Consumers are searching for things online more than ever. And we at Workik are doing our bit to make sure that you connect with your customer and grow your business. We will provide you with websites, free guidance, SEO support and tech support to make sure that you get the best results. Contact us and get to know us more. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to see what our price is. We are confident you would be happy.