How To Create Model Portfolio Website - The Ultimate Guide

Sept 6, 2021

An image showing set up for photoshoot

Gone are those days when an aspiring model used to wait in long queues for auditions, carrying a heavy portfolio in the hope of getting her dream break. Today, the fast-paced world of fashion and modeling has very well adapted to the new technologies that have opened doors to numerous opportunities to find and hire the models across the globe. It has become easy to reach out to good modeling agencies and clients by displaying your work online.

If you are an aspiring model who wants to get a life-changing break, building your website can help you build your brand. Your potential client may just be a search away. A website can assure the clients and give them what they are looking for. It makes information easily accessible, simplifies the process, increases the reach among other things.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of having a portfolio website, the main components of a website for models, how you can build it, and how much it costs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Website For A Model?

1) Reach Potential Clients

Keeping up with changing trends, the modeling agencies have also come online which has led to the search for models online. Therefore, having a website can help you top the searches whenever your potential clients search for related modeling services. The website allows you to walk neck to neck with your competitors by displaying your versatility and potential as a model. A website helps in widening your reach on the digital map by creating awareness about your brand. Check out How To Grow Business Online to learn more about it.

2) Easy Access To Portfolio

Anyone can easily access your portfolio via a link, anytime, anywhere. Having a concise, well-arranged, easy to view portfolio with all your work in one place is going to save your time of carrying around big files to showcase your work. Just a click and your clients have access to view your past work and get an understanding about the type of range you possess.

3) Credibility

Believe it or not, your website reflects your credibility as a model. Having an online presence that is valued and regarded as genuine, could help in building trust. A good, impressionable website showcasing your previous and upcoming projects makes your clients comfortable in opting your services.

What Are The Essential Components Of A Website For Models?

A modeling website should be as attractive and impressive as their work. Every element and detail of this website should reflect the passion and efforts to serve your clients with the best services. Following are the essential components that one should take care of while building a website for models:

1) An Attractive Homepage

An example of a homepage for model portfolio website

According to studies, the first few seconds of your website visit play the most vital role in impressing your visitors. It is the homepage of your website where the visitor lands at first. The homepage should convey all the services you offer as a model. Keep it elegant and minimal, but informative. Use attractive headlines and subheadlines that can grasp the attention of the audience. Make use of good keywords to top the search results. You should include photographs of yourself in such a way that blends well with the color scheme of the website. It should instill the need in the client to work with you.

2) Profile Page

An example of a profile section of a model portfolio website

One of the main components of a model’s website is the profile page which should reflect the traits of a model. This is the place where one should give detailed specifications, talk about experience, and highlight the expertise. Images highlighting the features could be shown. Descriptions must be kept concise.

3) Portfolio Section

example of a portfolio section of a model portfolio website

Perhaps, the most crucial section of your website is the Portfolio Section. This page plays an important role in converting your visitors into clients. A good portfolio will get you more attention. List down all the projects that you have undertaken categorically using professional photographs and videos. Your previous work has the capability of injecting trust and confidence into the minds of your visitor. It should reflect your versatility and experience.

4) Contact Page

An example of a contact page of a model portfolio website

Clear Call-to-Action in the appropriate place increases the conversion rates of your website. The Contact Page helps in directing the visitor to take immediate action. Inclusion of  name, email address, and any other contact information that is suitable, is important for the visitors to get in touch. It is also important to include a query form for the visitors to submit their contact information and to ask any questions that they may have.

5) Links To Social Media Profiles

An example of a social media section of a model portfolio website

Social Media has the power to create an impact on the minds of people. For a model whose career demands her to be present in front of the camera as much as possible, including the links to your social media profiles gives you an added advantage of connecting with your audience and promoting yourself absolutely for free. Social media marketing can do wonders for your career in terms of promotion and brand awareness. Ensure that you link your social media accounts on your website so that the clients get a better understanding of your brand deals and other work.

Key Points To Note While Creating A Website For Models:

• Layout and templates should be simple, yet informative.

• Professional high-quality photographs should be used.

• Colour scheme of the website should complement the professional photographs.

• Search Engine Optimisation is a must to get higher rankings on searches.

• Page Load Time should be ideal to avoid delay.

Who Can Help You Create Ideal Model Portfolio Website?

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

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