Seven essentials Your Website Must Have

September 7, 2020

7 essentials that website must have

Software integration incorporated into the main website adds functionality. There are numerous integrations available in the market, based on needs an appropriate software should be selected. This blog talks about basic essential basic software integrations required on a website regardless of its purpose or type.

Back up your website

Every website needs a backup. You never know what would happen in the future. A backup is also useful if you decide to shift hosting servers (website migration) or if your website gets hacked due to unfortunate circumstances. A backup tool takes a copy of the website and downloads it to your desktop. This backup comes in handy during unforeseen circumstances. After the resolution of the issue, you can upload your website files back online, and it will seem as if nothing ever happened.

Push notifications for marketing

Push notifications are an extremely powerful marketing tool. Many businesses, including fortune 500 companies, use this strategy for promotions. It is more effective than mail marketing. With the change in marketing trend, this will soon rise to be the best marketing strategy. Push notification includes mobile, desktop and web. The type of notification varies for each device type. If the website visitor is happy with the content and wants to receive updates, they will enable push notification. This feature sends popup notifications to the visitor’s device when new content is uploaded.

Security feature

In the recent past, Google had a huge update stating the importance of security (SSL). The padlock next to the domain name represents a secure website. If your website is not secure, Google does not recommend visitors enter the website. This lack of security creates fear and deters most visitors. A simple feature addition can fix it all if your SSL is not working the way it should.

There are three types of security available. Based on your need and budget opt for one that fits right.

Cache Addons

Is your website data-intensive and runs slow? Do not worry all you need is a caching feature. The feature generates static pages and stores it in your server. When a visitor tries to access a page, the cache grants access to the static page. The code-intensive pages will not load cutting the load time. Cache integrations are essential, especially if you have an eCommerce or membership-based site. Opt for software integrations with the ability to cache logged-in users, as most economic integrations do not have this feature.

SEO Optimization

A feature that provides search engine optimization is an absolute essential. It indexes your website across multiple search engines. During indexing, the SEO collects, parses and stores your content to facilitate quick and accurate data retrieval. By doing so and displaying its essence on search engines (metadata) with appropriate keywords.

Many applications analyse the current content and provide a valuable suggestion, to optimise keywords improving the visibility of the content. It also optimises long-tail keywords and regular short-tail keywords. It is desirable to have a high readability score to keep the visitors engaged as well.

Image compressor for a faster website

A large images size is required to have a clear image on a website, but this can slow down the website load time. Image compressors help compress the image by reducing the weight while retaining its quality, it ultimately enhances the performance of the website. It also resizes the image based on the browser and viewport making it responsive.

Page Builder

A page builder is a feature that makes building a website seem like a piece of cake. It provides visual drag and drop easy to use interface. It is similar to a website builder but for a page. Building professional looking websites has become easy. This eliminates the requirement of coding knowledge or experience. If you are not a coder ensure to ask the developer to add a page builder feature to make your life easier. The page builder also lets you edit layouts within a page with the same drag function. This feature not only makes it easy to build a website but cuts the overall website building time significantly.

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