The Ultimate Guide To A Website For Manufacturers

Aug 13, 2021

A group of workers assembling things in a factory.

Traditionally, the focus of manufacturers has largely been towards traditional sales strategies such as advertisements in industry publications, conferences, and trade shows. These sales channels have not lost their charm and still continue to act as an effective medium of advertising and promotional tactics for businesses. However, in recent times the manufacturers are looking to go online apart from having a physical store due to the various benefits digitalization offers. You can read more about why businesses are going digital.

One way for the manufacturer to build an online presence of their brand is through building a website. Manufacturers look at websites as lead generation tools where they can list their products and services for the customers to browse through. Even when the websites are not acting as sales channels, they shape customer perspectives about a brand. They influence the perception of customers in certain aspects such as quality of the products, customer service among others.

In this article, we will understand the main components of a manufacturing website, the best manufacturing websites along with who can help them build a website, and at what cost.

What are Main Components of A Manufacturer Website

A website through its site’s ranking and SEO increases the reach of the manufacturer’s business. It helps the brand to get closer to the potential customers thereby increasing sales. The main components one should consider when building a manufacturing website are as follows:

1. Home page

Home page example for a manufacturing website.

The most effective content should be put on the homepage to engage the visitors and keep them informed about the brand. The brand’s value statement must be presented in the most simple way with minimal words. This is an important webpage as it lets visitors decide whether they want to purchase from the brand or not within seconds. Thus,the  use of high-resolution images conveys to the visitors the kind of sophisticated technology the brand offers. Also, the modern feel of the image acts as an effective brand message.

2. Contact Us page

Contact us page example for a manufacturing website.

The contact us page includes all the standard information that a customer might want to know to contact your brand. It includes location, email id, and mobile number. This page can include a drop-down option, “how can we help you today” to make it easier for customers to put in the exact request for the manufacturer to respond as soon as possible. This page must also include a contact form where details such as first name, last name, email, phone number, country, questions. The contact us page can use a beautiful background instead of keeping it plain. Also, the google maps location of the business address adds a visual element along with providing accurate directions.

3. Products Page

Products page example for a manufacturing website.

The products page helps the customers get the desired product recommendation based on different specifications such as reviews, price, features, and product comparisons. Through the back and forth slider under the product image, the customers can visually imagine the feel of the product. The brands can also add a simple and effective description of the product to provide more information to the visitor. The information must be catchy, simple and should let the visitors see the value in your product. The products page must let you preview what your product looks like.

4. About Us page

About us page example for a manufacturing website.

The About us page must be informative and it should convey to the visitors what the brand is all about. This page generally contains information about the founders, vision and mission statement, products, and location of the business. All this information must be well crafted in a story format to add a human element to business. This in turn helps customers connect with the brand more and helps them understand why your particular brand is different from your competitors. It is the easiest way to gain the trust and credibility of the visitors. It is important to avoid industry jargon and to use an authentic voice to convey the brand’s message.

5. Product Insights

Product blogs example for a manufacturing website.

A manufacturing website is a great place to create effective content marketing for B2B or B2C companies. It is extremely easy for brands to conceptualize content around existing products in the form of blogs, case studies, videos, and webinars. This content should be designed in such a way that it creates value addition to the customers by providing solutions and enriching their knowledge. Also, the product insights help establish a link between potential customers and a brand apart from generating long-term traffic and sales.

How much does it cost to build a website?

The cost of building a website depends on the type of subscription model - monthly or yearly that is chosen by the manufacturers. The subscription model includes the cost of advanced features such as hosting, domain name, bandwidth, workflows, websites, themes, security, and other built-in features. The manufacturers can also use Workik’s free plan to experiment with new ideas without any financial pressure and check whether Workik can build a website that will fit their business requirements. The websites made by web application builders like Workik are relatively easy to use and are much cheaper than hiring a professional web designer. Don't believe us? Check out our pricing plan and decide for yourself.

Who can help you build a manufacturer’s website?

The idea is not to create just a website but to create one of the best manufacturing websites. Workik, a web application builder helps manufacturers to design and develop a high-performing website for a minimal cost without compromising on quality. We also offer other services such as Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing. We cater to both domestic and international companies who want to get their website done as per their business requirements within a short amount of time. Why wait? Contact us today to get a customized quote.