How to Create Landing Pages and Optimize them Effectively?

June 16, 2021

Explains what a landing page is

What is a landing page?

The internet is a dynamic place, so it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to get your product or service to potential customers is by developing a landing page. A landing page is a web page (usually a homepage) that appears when someone clicks on a search result or an advertisement. Landing pages are usually designed with one goal in mind - to convince the visitor to take action. It could be an email sign-up, newsletter, filling out an online form, or making a purchase of some kind. A well-designed landing page should employ persuasive copywriting and design techniques with clear actionable steps.

How Do You Optimize Your Landing Pages?

The best way to measure your business's marketing efforts is by using conversion rates as an indicator. If people are bouncing out or scrolling past your page result, then it’s time you use these below steps and appropriate examples to optimize your page.

Simple and structured layout:

When customers visit your page for the first time, they make an impression about the business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an attractive and professional landing page. Follow these steps to create a clean and structured landing page

  • Have your heading and sub-heading in bold with a concise text explaining why the users should choose you.
  • Highlight the feature that gives you an edge over your competitors and build your page around it.
  • Add images and social icons to help the customer understand and connect better with you.
  • Keep the flow of the page intact without much disturbance. Any mismatch between the content and actionable step will confuse the user.
  • Surfing similar websites in your industry can give you an idea and help you visualize your theme and structure.
  • You can also use Workik to create your landing page. With built-in themes, you can start right away.

Workik landing page

Visually appealing elements:

If the landing page contains just text, there is a higher chance that the visitors may not read it. Adding a high-quality image can help the visitor to understand the content better.. Usage of catchy phrases, puns, and offers that may intrigue your audience. Incorporating the latest trendy things, characters or funny infographics can increase conversions.

Slack landing page

Slack has created a visually appealing design that gets the users curious. Upon reading, the visual image leaves a lasting impression on the user about the company.

Color Psychology:

Color Psychology plays an important role in landing pages, as colors elicit emotional feelings in the person. Color can be sophisticated, calming, fun, vibrant, simple, and so much more. So carefully check out which color scheme works for you and create content around those colors. Random colors in different places may distract the audience. A minimalistic approach is also good which focuses solely on the product and the services offered.

Color co-ordinated landing page

The above page has effectively used dark green and orange in visuals as well as in-text making it seem well-coordinated and put together. Check out visme's website color scheme blog to see the colors that work for you.

Clear Call to Action:

The most important factor of success when optimizing for conversion rates is a clear call to action. It induces the customer to take action. Make sure there are clear directions on what people should do next (examples include "subscribe" or "buy now"). The color of the call to action should be bright enough to stand out along with the heading. It is quite necessary to place a call to action in the right place to get the most conversions.

Netflix landing page


Netflix has done a very good job displaying offers in the call to action button that induce the visitor to take action almost immediately. The 30-day free trial is an offer too good to be missed.

Social Proof:

Social proof is important in garnering trust from the audience. It legitimizes your business and makes them comfortable to scroll or to reach out. You can use client testimonials, ratings, and links of your social media platform as proof of customer satisfaction. Having social proof will help you increase your conversion rate to a great extent. As it is so effective, companies are going as far as creating ads displaying their customer feedback as proof of their product.

Goby's landing page


Goby has showcased their rating and customers’ review which puts the visitor's apprehension to ease. It creates trust and helps to prove the concept.

Retaining Attention:

The focus of your landing page should be solely on converting the customer. Many abstract things can distract the users from the page. So, with a bold heading, offers, and a high-quality image, try to maintain visitors’ attention on the product.

Nike ad

This Nike ad does a good job maintaining attention on the product in this ad. With high-quality images and minimalism, Nike keeps the focus of the user on the shoe.

Integrate Storytelling:

Storytelling is a great way to keep users engaged on your site. You have to focus on using storytelling techniques like suspense and intrigue by posing questions that will incite curiosity to know more. This way, the customer will be able to connect better with you. This technique is often used by corporations to gain loyalty from the customer.

Landing page which tells a story

World Bicycle Relief

With an interesting headline and a small snippet of the story, the World Bicycle relief has incited curiosity in the audience. The snippet makes it quite compelling to read further.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization(SEO) is important in a landing page. Implementing SEO techniques appropriately can help to rank landing pages better. Proper title, meta description, and structure, can help google understand the page better. Make sure to use keywords appropriately on the page. Click on the link to learn more about SEO for landing pages .


Several different examples that have been explained above that suit different business needs. But optimizing doesn’t end here. Try A/B testing and see which type of page clicks the best with your audience.

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