How to create a website-2022 | Different methods | Step-by-step guide

September 4, 2020

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Building a website sounds daunting as it requires technical expertise. But with growing technological advancement, creating websites has become child’s play. You can even create websites for free without any technical knowledge. Various services offer a perfectly reasonable solution. Depending on your need, you could build a website with marginal cost. The following 6 steps will explain you all need to know about creating a website from start to finish.

Step 1. The domain name and Branding

List of domain names

Business name

Domain name is the name of your website. It is the unique identification link typing which users can find you. Choosing the right domain name is most important.

You can use google domains to check the availability of the domain name and to buy it.

Things to look out for:

STEP 2. Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided to organisations, businesses, and individuals to post and maintain a website or a webpage on the internet.

It is the place where the files of the website are stored (servers). If you are using a website builder, web hosting is mostly provided by the service themselves.

Get a reputable web hosting service, do not cut costs here. Excellent hosting service provides quality server space, bandwidth, privacy, and security. Cutting costs will affect sites performance and experiences.

There are two types of web hosting:

You could decide on a shared web hosting where the hosting is shared with other websites or buy a dedicated hosting server where you get a private server.

In the case of a private server complete control is provided along with guaranteed space and bandwidth. A dedicated host costs significantly higher.

Step 3. Explore your website building options

A flow chart illustrating different ways to create a website

Ways to create a website

5 ways of creating a website: Comparison

Website builder

About: Website builders are visual editors that help create websites in an easy manner. It has an interactive drag and drop user interface.

Usual time taken: It usually takes 1-5 days depending on your speed and requirement.

Learning curve: It is pretty much self-explanatory. It can be easy and fun to use depending on the software.

Estimated cost: It can cost anywhere from $10-$200/month dollars depending on the software provider.

Flexibility: You can make changes to the content in just minutes.

Updates and changes: With necessary updates from the web provider, you can stay technologically ahead.

SEO and support: SEO support and help depends on the type of software that you use.

Content management system (CMS)

About: CMS is a form editor. A CMS provides base layout and themes that need to be worked upon. It lays down the foundation for easy setup in future.

Usual time taken: Depending on your technical expertise, it might take a few hours or weeks.

Learning curve: CMS has a bit of a learning curve. You have to get used to the plugin and theme to operate it properly.

Estimated cost: Hosting providers can cost anywhere between $10-$100/month. Theme can cost one time payment of $10-$1000. Premium cms may have provider cost.

Flexibility: It is very flexible. You can make any changes and add pages instantly very easily.

Updates and changes: The themes and plugins can be updated to keep your website attractive and functioning efficiently.

SEO and support: You can install plugins to keep your website SEO friendly and manage changes.

Coding from scratch

About: If you decide to build a custom website, four components require attention. The four elements are UI and UX design, front-end, back-end, and the admin panel.

Usual time taken: Depending on the complexity of the project, it might take about 3-6 months.

Learning curve: It is knowledge based. You need to have extensive knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript to build a responsive website UI. Backend can be subject to your preference.

Estimated cost: You will have to pay to the hosting provider.

Flexibility: You need to code and make changes yourself. It might take some time to do it all manually.

Updates and changes: All the updates and changes need to be taken care of by yourself.

SEO and support: You have to make sure your website is SEO-friendly while coding with proper definition and use of tags.

Outsourcing/ freelancers

About: You can outsource your work to companies or freelancers. They take up the responsibility of delivering the output in stipulated time.

Usual time taken: Depends on the knowledge of the freelancers/company. But it usually takes weeks.

Learning curve: There is no learning curve as such. But you need to be careful and be mindful about the quality of the code being delivered.

Estimated cost: It can cost anywhere approximately $100 to custom price depending on the project. You will have to pay for hosting and managing if at all.

Flexibility: You have to depend on their services for any changes to be made. It can be frustrating to make changes often.

Updates and changes: Since the product would be delivered, you need to look out for updates and request it to them. It can be quite counter-productive and expensive.

SEO and support: You have to request changes for the website’s seo since seo guidelines keep changing.

Workik :

About: Workik is a saas website builder that lets you build websites in a fun, interactive way. With drag and drop features, you can have your website look anyway you  want.

Usual time taken: It takes about 1 hour to 1 day depending on the complexity of your requirement.

Learning curve: Workik is a user-friendly software. With ready widgets available and customizations, you can easily build websites without any training.

Estimated cost: Workik has various prices starting from $7 to custom price depending on your business needs. You can even build free websites from Workik.

Flexibility: You can make changes to your website from Workik instantly. It doesn’t take much time. Any major changes can be done in just minutes.

Updates and changes: With regular updates, you can incorporate changes to your website in a timely manner. With a free task management tool, you can efficiently coordinate tasks with your team.

SEO and support: Workik websites are SEO friendly. If you are new to the online world, Workik can help you with SEO recommendations and provide assistance.

Step 4. Essentials for a smart website

Every website should have a few basic pages.Everything on a website matters from the layout to trust builders (like certifications).

The website should offer features and options to convert visitors into customers.

Here are 10 things your website must contain for maximum conversion:

  • Easy navigation: keep it simple. You do not want visitors to get lost on the website.
  • The website must have a home, services, contact and about us pages, do not forget to create these pages.
  • Have effective, meaningful headlines. First impressions matter.
  • Have an obvious call to action but do not let it get in the way of the content.
  • Humanise the page by sharing your story. This aids in connecting with visitors. Establish credibility, reliability, and trust.
  • Use videos, as it breaks the monotonous reading and gives the visitor a break. Visitors are more likely to stay on your page for longer.
  • Publish customer testimonials because it creates a connection and validates your service.
  • If applicable, add certifications, partner logos and badges.
  • Offer a guarantee. As a new business, it is hard to build trust. Offer a guarantee and/or warranty to demonstrate a safe and trustworthy website.
  • Lead generation. Make most of your website visitors. Collect visitor’s information and curate it. An easy way is to ask for an email address in exchange for newsletters, weekly tips, discount notification etc. This is a great approach to pitch to potential customers while adding value.

Read this blog to know about must have things in your website to make it responsive, secure and professional.

Step 5. Content

An infographic where person is reading something in the mic

The foundations of the website are set, moving on to create content. Create an attractive landing page, because the visitor’s interest is not sparked otherwise.

Pay attention to details like font and colour contrast. Good quality content will be underappreciated if it is hard to read. The visitor will lose interest as reading is an effort.

7 ways to make content more attractive

  • Create blogs to create product awareness and generate website traffic.
  • Use infographics to switch up the pace. This allows you to add a ton of information in an image format. Making it visually appealing and adding digestible content.
  • Short videos catch the visitor’s attention and increase their curiosity.
  • Provide a little checklist of thing to look out for. This catches the visitors attention as well.
  • A well-placed meme can lighten the mood. This regains the visitor’s attention.
  • Mini quizzes and tests are a great ice breaker.
  • Use slide shows if applicable, it creates interactive content.

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Step 6. Search Engine Optimization And Readability

Search engine optimization helps your website to rank better in google leading to increased business. It increases traffic to your website

A great blog will lose value if not many know about its existence. Therefore, it is important to optimize a blog.

To SEO optimise the contents of a blog, find relevant long tail and short tail keywords , a mix of both is excellent.

Prefer choosing those keywords that have high search volume but medium to low competition. This gives your blog/webpages a head start in being found.

The best free tool is Google AdWords keyword planner. Another useful free tool is .

To learn more about SEO, click on the link to find ways to optimize your site .

While all this may be too much to take in, you can leave this burden to Workik. With workik, you can create a fully functioning responsive website in just minutes. Workik will take care of the tech needs. WIth proper security setup, and functionality, you can easily create a website and grow your business online. We at Workik offer these services at an affordable price . Contact us to take your business online.