Freelance Web Developer Management: How It’s Done

September 17, 2020

Colleagues working together having good time

You have successfully hired a freelance web developer but are not sure how to manage one. We are here to help you successfully manage freelance website developers. To manage a freelancer is just as important as hiring them. As bad management approaches can break the trust. Moreover, it creates a stressful work environment which is undesirable for an employee. You don’t want to be “that person”. These eight steps will direct you towards effective management systems while keeping a clear air.


The very first thing to do after deciding on a web developer is to sign a contract. A contract is critical and cannot be emphasized enough. It sets the tone of a business and defines clear boundaries. The agreed terms and conditions are set in stone, once the contract has been signed. Neither you nor the freelancer can breach it without consequences.

A Contract is a written, legally binding documentation evidence. It serves as proof of the professional relations undertaken. In the case of an issue, either party can look at the agreed terms and conclude their standing. Every word placed on a contract should be strategic and serve a purpose, look at these templates for a better understanding.

Typically, multiple contracts are signed. A simple contract stating the terms of hire and a non-disclosure agreement is standard. based on needs, other contracts are incorporated into the legal hiring processes.

Task breakdown

Managing a freelance web developer is hard, especially if coding is not your area of technical expertise. Web development is complex and involves several stages. The coding for each stage is intricate and can be broken down into bite-sized modules. These modules put together develops functionality in a website.

Ask the freelancer to give a breakdown of how he or she plans to tackle the project. A detailed breakdown is always better. This is because it gives the developer a clear path and assists you to better understand the timeframe. The task breakdown is a mere guide, as bugs and other technical hiccups change the structure of work outlined. It is common to alter deadlines, don’t be alarmed.

Realistic Deadlines

We understand that getting the website live is the top priority, but having very tight deadlines is counterproductive. It stresses the freelancer and you, because of the tight deadline, the freelancer may not be able to provide a clean code. Troubleshooting becomes difficult because it’s not accounted for. In the case of code error, spending time to rectify it is common. This will naturally alter the deadlines.

Work Time

A freelance web developer, prefer payment by the hour. To keep a track on the hours worked based on trust is good but not always transparent. There are third-party applications that assist in tracking work hours . Make use of these apps as it is neutral and trustworthy. These apps consider idle time as well. Some use face recognition to calculate work hours. Regardless of the technology used, these apps generate an invoice that is fair and proportional to the work done.

Project management Tools

Professional communication involving data transfer is essential. Your best bet is a project management tool . These tools assist with efficient organization and management of tasks. Features such as planners, calendars, collaboration space, documentation, and evaluation make communication easy. They not only help organize your day but help set short term goals, and deadlines to effectively manage tasks.


Communication is vital to get a job done. Develop a set of rules and guidelines to follow. These pointers will also make sure to keep you on track. Generally, a fixed time is allotted for communication regardless of case-specific requirements. Therefore, it is hard to convey everything on the agenda. When possible communicate in writing, as it reduces the loss of information.

Remember that communication is a two-way channel. Do not have complete control, listen to what the other person has to say. Establish reporting rules that include addressing progress and milestones when achieved. These business communication platforms are among the best in the market.

Build a Relationship

Having a professional relationship is good but building a personal connection is better. Building a personal connection enables both parties to understand each other’s situation. This creates room for empathy. Only when a person is understood can their actions be understood.

Building a relationship is healthy for the business because it builds a sense of trust and loyalty. It also makes space for tolerance that is essential in a business setting. Staying on good terms with the developer is advantageous for the upcoming project or future hire.


Hold up your end of the deal. Timely payment makes the business credible and creates a safe work environment. It is common to pay through freelancer hiring platforms. As the services provided by the hiring platform include payments.

Third-party applications are preferable as well. The employer pays the app before the initiation of work. After completing the work, the app pays the freelancer. This is done with the approval of the employer. Using these apps break the financial trust barrier.

If you need additional time to review the work done, make it clear and fix a new payment date.

Hiring a freelance web developer does not fit the bill every time. Consider opting services such as Workik that build the functionalities of your website. At workik, we provide boilerplate applications and software integration. These are easy to integrate into any website while having minimum downtime. We also provide aftercare services. Visit us at to know more.