Core HR and HCM software Integration to add to a website

September 15, 2020

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The world is turning digital. What used to be grinding work is simplified by technology. In like manner, HR and HCM software integrations are no different. New companies prefer cloud computing due to its versatility. Cloud computing offers lots of advantages while making tasks simple. But to convert an HR and HCM website into a platform is no easy task. Especially for older companies that have used physical documentation for a long time. This is because digitizing data takes time and must be done right to retain its quality.

Switching to a digital database requires adding multiple website application and software integrations into the base website. While doing so, a synergic relationship must exist between all the applications added. This ensures the smooth functioning of the website. Mentioned below are nine software integrations worth adding into your platform.

If you are not sure about the difference between HR and HCM, we are here to help out. They are similar but different, all right before we confuse you further. It is the naming based on perspective and is used interchangeably. HCM stands for Human Capital Management, in this stream of thought employees represent the companies assets. The employee evaluation is based on their contribution towards the organization. On the other hand, Human Resources represent the human handling elements of a company.

Workforce plan

The HR is responsible for recognizing and catering for organizations long-term needs. HR implements recruitment strategies that assess the talent required for the success of the organization down the lane. Therefore, the workforce plan is dynamic and is unique. Furthermore, the blueprint for the plan depends on the business model, customer requirements and market trends. This plan requires collaboration with all departments of the company, as each department’s expert would have valuable inputs. Regular formal communication is necessary to stay on top of change and embrace it. Direct mail is a good start, but other communication platforms will come in handy.

Other software integrations that keeps track of hiring models and predict future patterns are useful as well.

Workforce acquisition

Workforce acquisition or hiring is also the responsibility of HR. To market a vacancy is a talent of its own and not just a job listing. The vacancy listed acts as the primary candidate filter. Furthermore, the filter aids to attract superior candidates eligible to fill the position. The next step is to find the needle is a haystack, to find the right person that fits the role. There are software integrations that assist in resume sorting and other manual process involved. It saves time by streamlining processes.

Employment and recruitment documentation

A contract acts as documented proof of the professional relationship undertaken. Signed between the employer and the employee it seals the verbal agreement in ink. In addition, the contract states the terms both parties agree to, making it legally binding. Usually, HR manages many types of documents in recruitment. It includes workforce request form, staffing tracker, a job description, applicant assessment form, reference check protocol, offer letters, employment contract, and NDA . Traditionally a task force would handle all these documents. With the aid of management tools, and software integrations managing and accessing data is easy and not something to dread.

Other documentation

The HR team manages all other documentation as well. List of employees, performance records, employee compensation documents, employee handbook, statutory documents, and exit process documentation. Learn more about this documentation in detail . We would like to elaborate a bit on the exit process documentation. This documentation is essential to the company and the employee because It provides a track record. There are several reasons to leave the company. It could be good or bad. Choose to leave on good terms as it increases the probability of boomerang employees. Boomerang employees prove beneficial to an organization as it requires little to no training.

Performance management

To ensure a productive and engaging work environment, performance management is essential. Performance management involves setting clear goals, open to feedback, discussions, and good leadership. It is a process that exists between a manager and members of staff. The process exists year-round, but performance reviews are held either two or three times a year.

Payroll management

The HR department’s responsibilities include payroll management as well. Managing payroll is no easy feat. Firstly, the department determines employees that are eligible to receive payment for a period. Secondly, the payment type is determined as not everyone is paid in the same way. Payments include a salary, wages, overtime bonus and many more. Based on each employee’s payment method and timesheet the final amount to be paid is calculated.

They are also responsible for calculating taxes and deducting it from the final sum. Moreover, the HR department pays taxes to the government on behalf of employees. All these functions must be done in time to ensure employee morale are up and are happy to work.

Health and safety

Health and safety are yet other functions undertaken by HR that can use software integrations assistance. The human resource department must ensure appropriate rules are implemented to protect employees and the business from potential tragedy. The aim is to keep everyone safe.

Recently, most companies introduced ergonomic furniture and frequent stretches for those who are working desk jobs. Initiatives such as these show the companies genuine interest in the employees’ wellbeing.

softwares are essential to maintian employee health records, insurance records, work related injury compensation claim, and many more.

Learning and Development (L&D)

Human Capital Management (HCM) keeps track of individual employee performance. The employees that fit the selection criteria and who are most beneficial are selected. The selected candidates are offered a chance for further education at the expense of the organization. The offered stream of studies is in line with the company’s long-term goals. By doing so, the individual acquired skills the organization needs in the future.

L&D coincides with the workforce plan agenda. In large companies, budgets are set as it is mandatory by law in some countries. It enhances the prospect for career growth for the individual.

Policy updates

Rules, procedures, and protocols are everchanging. To keep up with this change is the task of the HR team. Keeping track and implementing adequate changes to ensure compliance is important. Policies updates are not just updates performed to comply with the government guidelines. But are those that help with the internal working and processes.

Assessing the company’s situation combined with its needs aid in keeping the bylaw current. This is to ensure smooth, hassle-free functioning of the organization while safeguarding employee rights.


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