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Revolutionise Database Management with Workik AI

Design, model, generate queries, create mock data, documentation & more across multiple databases. Collaborate effortlessly, all in one platform.

Connect, Visualize, and Model databases with AI

Visualize your database structure with an interactive ER Diagram.

Model SQL & No-SQL schema for databases using AI.

Add new tables and relations to existing databases.

Manage multiple databases in a unified interface.

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Generate & Run Queries instantly on your database

Use AI to generate, refactor, and explain queries tailored to your database

Test and execute queries directly within Workik for immediate feedback and results.

Share queries with the team using Workspaces.

Leverage AI to optimize query performance and suggest improvements.

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Generate smart mock data for testing/demo with AI

Create realistic, schema-consistent mock data to test database interactions and application responses.

Customize mock data generation to fit the specific needs of your development and testing environments.

Simulate a broader range of test scenarios, including edge cases and outliers.

Easily download generated mock data in CSV or other preferred formats.

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Document Database and collaborate with the team.

Easily Generate database documentation according to your preference with AI.

Invite team members to manage databases together.

Connect multiple databases within a single Workik environment.

Easily switch between databases and use AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Workik assist in optimizing existing databases?

Yes, Workik's AI-driven insights can suggest optimizations for your existing databases, including indexing recommendations and query optimizations, to improve performance and efficiency.

How do I add a new database to my Workik project?

Adding a new database to your Workik project is straightforward. You can either connect directly to your database using Workik’s integration features or upload your database schema in JSON or CSV format to start designing and managing your database within Workik. You can also create any new database on Workik using AI.

Is uploading data necessary to access databases features on Workik?

No, uploading data to Workik is not necessary for database features. Workik AI primarily requires your database schema or structure to assist. By focusing on the schema, Workik ensures your data's privacy and security while providing a comprehensive overview of your database architecture.

Is it possible to integrate Workik with external code repositories for database management?

Yes, Workik seamlessly integrates with external code repositories such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. This integration facilitates a smooth workflow between your database management tasks and your existing codebase.

Can I design and manage multiple databases with Workik?

Yes, Workik enables you to design, visualize, and manage multiple databases, both SQL and NoSQL, through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Can I collaborate with my team on database projects within Workik?

Absolutely. Workik supports team collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on database design, query generation, and documentation. Share your project with team members, assign roles, and collaborate in real time for efficient database management.

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