13 Reasons Why Should You Prefer A HR Cloud System

September 24, 2020

Why should you prefer a cloud-based HR software

Cloud computing is not a new concept, but the realm of HR is still catching on. SaaS has demonstrated the significance of HR cloud by showcasing its flexibility and scalability. By the same token, the ability to cater to on-demand and subscription-based models has led to a marker boom. Thus, 13 reasons to choose cloud HR solution are outlined in this blog.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employee engagement address the level of commitment an employee has towards the organization, its goals, and values. It describes the relationship held between the organization and its employees. The attitude and motivation of an employee to give their best depict high level of employee engagement.

HR cloud structures utilize technology to engage employees. Additionally, improved engagement with the assistance of surveys, feedbacks, clarifying goals and many other techniques is possible. These mentioned techniques should revolve around the employee’s perspective.

HR teams have realized that employee engagement provides a competitive advantage, which eventually translates into high levels of customer satisfaction. Effectively used HR system and tools organically drive employee engagement up, creating a positive workspace.

Access to Payroll and Benefits

Typically, local servers store and manage payrolls and benefits in a traditional HR setting. This setting makes it tiresome for employees to access information. In addition, the systems managing information take up lots of space and might not have a bandwidth similar to what a cloud HR can provide.

With HR cloud, access to payroll and benefits information is constantly available anytime, anywhere. Employees have the freedom to use any device they choose to check details with just a few clicks. Changing pay and benefits settings, health insurances preferences have never been easier. This is because the traditional HR processes are bypassed, and the power to make changes is given to the employee directly.

Cheaper Alternative

Proprietary HR management solutions have a big upfront cost. Whereas, HR cloud systems offer more value for the money invested. The benefits seen are almost immediate as it generates decent returns. Additionally, offering better data and time-saving options. With the extra edge, the company has an improved product and services therefore providing better employee satisfaction.

One of the biggest advantage provided by cloud HR systems is the ability to self-serve. Employees can edit, update and accept changes to their details on their own reducing the workload of the HR team. This means fewer HR staff requirement. Smaller numbers ensure quality work.

Reduced Paperwork

Conventionally large file cabinets that are fireproof store HR paperwork alphabetically. Pulling out a specific data set would be a heavy task. Those days are gone, with HR cloud solutions, data is easy to store. The best part, being access to specific information. It is as simple as applying appropriate filters to access specific data. What took a long time can now be accessed in seconds digitally and remotely. The added flexibility is a major incentive pushing businesses to switch to new age HR solutions.

Accurate performance Analysis

A critical function undertaken by the HCM team is the Employee performance assessment. With cloud HR tracking real-time performance is possible. The software analyses employee performance data and emphasizes those who require additional training in just a matter of hours. Subsequently, providing Required training to the individual to bring them up to speed. HCM departments find this feature very useful as monitoring, tracking and optimizing human resources is a breeze.

Data Heavy Processes Made Easy

Cloud computing automates all data-heavy HR processes effortlessly. A few examples of processes digitized are performance reviews, feedback, timesheet, vacation request, employee details, sick leave. Digitization of timesheet makes it easy to calculate salary and taxes with the assistance of simple codes. Usually calculating these for each employee is cumbersome unless specific tools and workflows are in place. Signing off various documents like the company code of conduct, workplace ethics, employee handbook, gender equality training, sexual harassment training is a breeze.

Shifting the process to a cloud base management, eliminates extensive paperwork, errors, and data inconsistencies. Moreover, employee satisfaction and a general positive workplace environment reflect the positive cumulative effect.

Improved Learning

Training, learning and development, TLD in short, is a crucial component of many companies. Applying modern TLD methods are necessary to keep the workforce up to date with the change in technology and market patterns. With the shift to e-learning and online training, the difficulty of manual training in-person is replaced.

The presence of a central repository containing training files in the form of videos, online classes, and session-based training, aids in the enhancement of an employee effectiveness. As a result, the workforce is streamlined, and existing employees can focus on tasks at hand.


Nearly all HR operations are data-driven therefore, keeping it safe is key. HR curate’s sensitive information such as social security number and direct deposit information. It is natural to feel on the edge as potential vulnerability exists when stored in the cloud. A simple fact is that every technology has its strengths and weaknesses and cloud HR solutions are the same.

The good news is that security is taken very seriously by most cloud vendors in order to maintain good reputation. All the latest security mechanisms are in place and are being constantly updated to safeguard sensitive information. Ensuring security is the responsibility of the vendor and they are held accountable. It is their job to maintain and update security as regulation change.

Equal Opportunity

With HR suits broken into individual functionalities and offered at affordable pricing, start-ups now have an opportunity to incorporate cloud HR solutions into their businesses. HR cloud has changed the conventional perspective of expanding the company to reach a certain point to justify the costs of HR systems. Many vendors offer affordable deals, some charge a fixed rate for each new data set (employee data). Not only shattering the conventional profit model but also levelling the playing field provides equal opportunity for all companies big or small.

Effortless Scalability

To sync multiple tools is a difficult task. The added factor of scaling these tools is a nightmare. Every company, big or small suffer these issues. Although band-aid solutions provide a quick fix it is not consistent and reliable. Cloud HR solutions address all these issues and fix them. It provides the flexibility to scale individual tools while making sure the rest are in sync. Look out for these seven signs to ensure the scalability of your business.

Efficient Integrations With Other Solutions

With individual components of a full HR suite broken down, it is important to ensure the utilized components integrate with each other. Integration of components coupled with flexibility guarantees smooth functioning of the service as a whole. The added advantage being easy data sharing amongst all components available, therefore functioning as a single unit. Do read our Core HR and HCM software Integration to add to a website blog to learn more.


HR compliance is the practice of identifying policies and processes to make sure the workplace demonstrates a thorough awareness of rules and regulations applicable. Therefore HR is responsible for its compliance. The advantage of HR cloud system is the automatic updates that occur accurately and on time. This feature provides great benefits in terms of compliance when compared to software hosted on-site.

Professional vendors who specialize in compliance ensure and safeguard the privacy of data with cloud-based solutions. Furthermore, assuring constant revision of rules and regulations. An organization generates detailed reports to certifying the applied software conforms to the latest regulations. With built-in reporting features, report generation compliance has become easy task to manage.

Predictive Analysis

AI is the future of everything that’s technological, in like manner HR cloud systems are no different. With the assistance of AI employee retention, training and promotion can be automated. The software can analyze company data to identify workplace satisfaction and employee engagement, as well as address issues at hand and potential issue in the future. Owing to this a proactive measure can be taken.

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