Best Inspiration Skill-Set Design For Websites With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript | 2022

Feb 10, 2022

Skill-set sections in websites help you showcase your skills or information in a stylish and creative way. An attractive and well-thought-out skill section on a website creates a lasting impression on the visitor. It helps to build trust and effectively assists to enhance your portfolio and services.

Skill sets section for websites can be expressed either in the form of percentage or simple horizontal bars. It represents the level of expertise or knowledge related to individual tasks. The skill-set section can be very crucial in conversions for portfolio or service websites.

Top Six Examples Of Skill-Set Section For A Website

Here, we have showcased some of our best skill-set sections for websites with HTML, CSS, and JS code. The skill bars also have various interesting animations added to them, which will magnify the user appeal. With these ready-to-use widgets for various sections, you can get started on building your website instantly.

1. Circular Skill Bar

This skill widget makes use of circular charts to present one’s expertise in percentage. The circular charts have been created using the ProgressCircle plugin for jQuery. The fill percentage and color scheme of the chart is dependent on the skill percentage value.

2. Animated Skill Bar

This skill-set widget makes use of horizontal bars to display your skills. Additional data such as recent works or results can also be presented pictorially on one part of the webpage which will allow users to talk about accomplishments. Animations are applied to the bars which display the skill percentage horizontally every time the page reloads.

3. Stats Skill Section

This widget is mainly used for portfolio websites to talk about accomplishments and results. Individual flex-based cards are used to showcase the workpieces, skill-sets, and star rating along with a small description of the same. The CTA button with the hover effect allows for a better user experience.

4. Horizontal Skill Bar With Animation

This design has a number of skill bars that help showcase one’s skills in various fields. Each field can be given a title and the horizontal bar below displays the skill percentage. These skill bars are created purely from HTML, CSS, and JS. jQuery controls add interesting animations that are visible every time the page is reloaded.

5. Skill Set Section With Pointers

This design provides one the added advantage of adding a photograph of the person under focus. The top skills are presented in a neat, concise manner with the help of a bulleted list. The call-to-action button has a background hover effect and on click, directs the audience to the user profile.

6. Iconified Skill Section

This skill-set widget has a purely responsive design that provides a perfect display across any device. Each card has a border hover effect applied to it and explains a particular skill with text and icons. The individual cards are flex-based and wrap around each other as the screen width is reduced. The cards are highly customizable with different background colors and favicons.

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