Here’s What You Need To Create A Stunning Restaurant Website That Stands Out

27 October 2021

Gone are those days when people used to stand in long queues in front of a shop or a restaurant. People now have gotten used to easy access to information and prefer reservations beforehand. Of late, restaurants are creating websites to provide a great experience to their customers digitally. A new survey found that 76% of the diners visit the websites before they dine-in or order food from the restaurant. Anyone looking at a restaurant website is trying to find the basic information like menu, location, hours of service, ambiance, and a lot more.

The Advantages Of Having A Restaurant Website

It is true that more often than not if you only have a physical store, your business is limited only to that particular area. The scope to expand is much less and quite difficult. But with digital technologies, nothing seems impossible now.

Expansion possibilities beyond locality are huge when restaurants or cafes have a unique online presence. Businesses can easily explain the type of service catered to the visitors. For Restaurants. it is more effective, as people who prefer distinct cuisines can look at the services and the menu to get an idea. Good food images also entice the visitor to visit the restaurant and try the dish.

Online websites go hand in hand with the physical store. It helps restaurants reach more people. Reviews about restaurants also influence a person’s decision greatly. Good reviews and information about a restaurant’s delicacy create a want in people to visit a cafe or a restaurant.

Important Sections Of A Restaurant Website

At the basic level, it seems easy to create a website. But to make it appealing to the public can be tricky. In this article, we will further provide insights about the key features required in a restaurant website, and how it can be created.

An Attractive Landing Page

The landing page is the first page that the customer visits. It should provide them with insights about the restaurant and induce them to explore the website further. The sections of the website should be placed in a way that makes it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for.

A website immensely helps a restaurant in branding. It should also exude and be at par with the ambiance provided at the restaurant. The color and tone of the website should work well with the images. High-quality pictures with top enticing dishes hold the visitor’s attention. The landing page or homepage of a restaurant contains multiple sections that have to be placed strategically to convert the visitor.

The Menu

The menu is the most important component of a restaurant website. Research has found that 70% of people visit a restaurant website to know the menu. The menu can be a separate page that can be present on the navbar. The menu section of a restaurant website should be created meticulously as the conversion of the visitor highly depends on it.

The cuisines and the dishes should be categorized properly. Snippet images of the dish can also be added. Bestsellers and delicacies should be given special importance. The homepage should surely have a section relatively on top that links to the menu page and takes the visitor there.

Contact Information and Service hours

The contact page is another very important section present on the homepage. It should contain a phone number, location address, email id, contact form, and service hours. Phone number helps the visitor to immediately solve the query and get in touch with the restaurant. The location of the restaurant should be pinned on the google map so that the visitor can easily know the distance and the direction. It is also recommended to add service hours in the same section so that the visitors can make decisions instantly.

Online Reservations

People today have started to rely more on technology. Booking tables and making reservations online are getting adopted by a majority of the people. It assures them about the quality of service. Restaurants should have online reservations to keep up with the changing trend. It also helps the restaurant to plan and keep things coordinated. A calendar along with proper dates and timing should be available so that the people can book the date and choose the time accordingly. The online reservation section can be a part of the homepage.

Links to Social-Media

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool as it increases the reach of a wide variety of people. It helps to create community with the customers. Having social media links on the websites validates the restaurant brand to the visitor and helps them to stay connected.

Customer Reviews/ testimonials

Customer reviews and feedback forms have a huge impact on the decision of a visitor. Its potential is often left untapped by a lot of restaurant or cafe owners. It gives the visitor an idea about the quality of food, ambiance, service, price, and much more. It also helps them to understand what to look forward to in a restaurant. Feedback forms can be very reassuring to the visitors and patrons.

How To Build Stunning Restaurant Websites At an Effective Price

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