What the Workik platform has to Offer?

With over two years in development, we’ve successfully created a platform builder that allows for building full-fledged Web applications. The platform enables us and the users to develop, deploy and manage the application all from one software. Workik’s easy-to-use platform is compatible with both technical and non-technical users

Easy Data Modeling

Create and understand the blueprint of your web application with data modeling. Our data modeling tools allow us to build all kinds of data models around your business needs. Easily define data types and set-up logics.

Data model visualization

With clear visuals and pictorial representations, easily stay informed and understand the data types, data systems, and various grouping in the application.

Effortless customization

Manage web applications anytime by adding tables, easily modifying the data, creating new structures, adding functionalities, and much more.

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Best in class Workflows

Reduce errors and redundancy of work by building custom APIs and automating your workflows

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Easy to use UI Builder

Create and manage your web front with our drag-and-drop builder.

Build your UI in just Three Simple Steps


Choose your element

Choose premade templates or customize and create new ones with our drag and drop builder.


Drag and Drop

Make all sort of changes to the design, content, or layout. Easily add widgets, add, or arrange the widgets.

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Save and publish

Preview and save the design. Save the work progress to drafts and publish the template instantly.

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Available with Backups

It is very important for businesses to store data and maintain backups. Workik provides efficient cloud infrastructure so that users never have to worry about losing data to any external threats.

Secure data backups

Workik’s data security helps to manage data records and maintain backups. Users can retrieve and restore the required data easily from the various backup points.

Secure connection

With SSL certificates and data encryption, we’ll provide an added layer of security to your data and ensure a safe connection with the servers.

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Freedom to Create Multiple Environments

It is crucial to inspect the updates and perform Quality Assurance (QA) testing on the software before it is deployed to production. Workik provides extensive testing tools with different environments so that the application manager can check the behavior before the updates go live to the user.

Create multiple Evironments

Workik allows users to create up to 5 environments like development, staging, and production to test the data models, workflows, or any updates.

Easy to toggle between environments

Easily toggle between environments to fix the bugs, compare the updates, check performance issues, and improve the overall quality of the application.

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